Written By Brian Sathinathan (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 14th, 2020


Asseblyai node allows the user to enter a url to an audio file and it return a transcript of the audio file

Code For Above Flow



API Key (string)The users API Key(obtained by creating an account with Assemblyai)Audio Source URL (string)The URL where the audio is being hosted (Example: Call (selection)Select if the user would like to provide a source url or would like to upload their own file. If Uploading the user must have the file in the following directory (/interplay_v2/directoryname/filename)Directory Name (string)The name of the directory inside of the the interplay_v2 directory under which the file will be searched for(/interplay_v2/directoryname/filename)File Name (string)The name of the audio file to be uploaded and transcribed(/interplay_v2/directoryname/filename)


payload (string)An object containing an array that is the transcript of the words in the audio file. Also contains information about the status of the response.

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