Making a Cron Job/Scheduler

Written By Chetan Iterate ()

Updated at August 16th, 2023

As we are aware that we need to create the cron job to execute certain jobs that are time-intensive and need to be executed in a scheduled manner, the beauty of interplay is, it is simple as setting an alarm clock! In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can create the cron job which executes in a specific interval of time.


1) Search the 'inject' Node from search bar and drop in editor Window and double click to reveal its settings:

2) Click on the 'Repeat' Dropdown menu and choose 'interval', it reveals the duration of time which needs to be set for our cron job.

3) Now we create a Node.js function where it executes when it is injected by the newly created 'inject'.

Search for 'Nodejs function' and Drop-in editor and connect its start to the end of our 'inject' node:

4) Now, Double-click the function to code as our requirement 

for example:

5) Click on Deploy and your cron job with the function will start its execution.

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